Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reader Statistics

For blog readers who may not realize it (Eds, are you reading this? hehe), bloggers have a way of knowing who reads their blogs. See that logo above? It's displayed on the left side of this blog. It collects data.

Nope, no need to hyperventilate. ;) The most the stats can tell is which country and city you're from, what your IP address is (which I don't really care about) and what led you to the blog. We still cannot know who you really are.

So, Nonthaburi-Thailand, I kinda know you come around, but wasn't really sure whether you personally knew me or not. Glad to have known. =) Leave a word or two, ok?

P.S. Richmond-Virginia, do we know each other personally? ;)


Anonymous said...

hahaha thanks for your blogs doj. it has been more than a year that i've been reading ur blogs. :) kag nabuko ako! sus! hahaha

dojski said...

More than a year!? Wow. Can't believe you kept quiet that long. Hehe.

I hope you had a fun trip back there. See you again. And hopefully, we can be at our dream places the next time we meet. Hehe. Shhhhh. ;)