Sunday, January 31, 2010

Book Run

Today's Book Run was the most fun so far. A brush with celebrities can do that to me. =)

I don't really consider myself a fan because I don't follow his work. I don't watch his channel (and consequently his TV programs) and have never seen any of his films. But in local showbiz, I find him the most appealing among his generation. I think he's really gwapo. (Jologs na kung jologs, hehe).

Today, along with an eyeful of Miriam Quiambao (former Miss Universe Runner-up), an Eigenmann (I don't know which one of the brood in the biz, hehe), Drew Arellano (not that familiar with him but I've heard of him), Shalani Soledad (Noynoy's girlfriend) and of course Marian Rivera, I saw Dingdong Dantes.

And, he appears to be a really cool guy, creating the sweetest moment I so far know that can happen in a run: after he crossed the finish line, he want back the trail to run along with Marian, his girlfriend who was running behind. Awwww. Cheezy. But sweet. :) Really sweet.


mushashii said...

I know! lucky girl. haha. btw, a lot of celebrities are running at the Century Run on feb 21. :)

dojski said...

Hehe. I'll ask my friends if they're interested. We're doing the Condura Run next week as well, so I'm not sure if we're going to register for another one. =) How do you know a lot of celebs are running? Is that inside info? =)